Trick Riding Lessons

From clinics to demos, our trick riding education program is helping to grow the sport of trick riding

World-Class Instruction

From Professional Trick Riders

Whether you’re new to trick riding or have been in it for a while, you’re welcome in our trick riding lessons program!

Trick riding is best learned in person from trained professionals. Sure, you can watch a YouTube video or read a book, but every professional trick rider will tell you that the best learning comes from working one-on-one with a seasoned performer.

Trick Riding Is A High-Risk Sport That Can Only Be Learned Under The Supervision Of A Professional And With Proper Equipment

That’s why, if you’re interested in learning or improving your trick riding, we’d love to welcome you to one of our trick riding clinics.

We strive to promote safety in all aspects of training and performing. Our trick riding clinics consist of approximately 5 hours of training each day. We cover everything from overall safety, proper equipment, horse requirements, learning how to execute tricks safely, demonstrating showmanship and exceptional horsemanship.

Our sponsored riders started out in our trick riding clinics, and they continue to be active in our clinics to advance their trick riding skills.

So, if you dream of being fast, fearless, and fabulous in the arena, we hope you’ll join us, too!

Keep reading to learn more about what’s included in our trick riding clinics, what’s required by clinic participants, and how you can get registered to attend a clinic near you.

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trixie chicks trick riders lessons
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All About Our Trick Riding Clinics

Our public and private trick riding clinics are designed to help you gain confidence and sharpen your trick riding skills.

Plus, parents also get a great opportunity to hear all of the fine details that go into this amazing sport.

Come out ready to learn and have fun!

Here's What You Can Learn At Our Clinics

What It Takes To Become A Trick Rider

How You Can Get Started

Trick Riding Safety

Proper Equipment

Proper Training

Trick Riding Drills And Variation Of Tricks

How To Find The Prospect Trick Riding Horse

Training The Prospective Trick Riding Horse

Ask ANY Question And Get Detailed Answers

Get An Autograph Sheet

Take Pictures With The Girls And Their Horses

Topics In Becoming A Professional Trick Rider (Advanced)

Private & Open Clinics Available

Private clinics and lessons can be held at our facility in Poplarville, Mississippi. Or, if something in your event schedule is near you, we can also make special arrangements to accommodate you or your group for a private clinic or lesson.

Private clinics or lessons are available around our performance schedule throughout the year. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can work on scheduling a date that works for you.

We also host open clinics that are usually scheduled in coordination with our event schedule throughout the year in order for us to reach trick riding students around the country. We do our best to keep our website and social media accounts up-to-date with available open clinics and demos.

Clinic Requirements

Minimum Age:
Varies Based On Maturity, Physical Capabilities, & Horsemanship

No trick riding experience is needed, but you must at least know basic horsemanship.

We welcome all levels of trick riding students for clinics (From first-day students to elite professionals looking to take your abilities to the next level.) 

Physical Fitness Recommendation:
20-30 Push-ups And/Or Pull-ups
50 Sit-ups
Stretching For Flexibility 

Proof Of Health Insurance Is Required

Helmets will be available for use if you choose not to bring your own.

All students will be required to wear a helmet unless an Equine Helmet Waiver of Liability has been signed.

Liability Waivers must be submitted prior to participating in any clinic.

You may bring your own horse for training or use one of our trained horses.

Athletic Clothes (Long Sleeves, Short Sleeves, Yoga Pants, Etc.)
Longer Socks To Protect Ankles
Dress In Layers

Wrestling Shoes (No thick soles. You need to be able to point and flex your foot.)

ALL long hair must be fastened back for safety.

Other Items

Please Bring Chapstick, Sunscreen, And Allergy Medication*
(*If You Have Allergies and you are coming to our facility for a clinic ... This is Mississippi!)

Planning to attend a clinic at our facility?

Here are the available on-site accommodations at our Poplarville, Mississippi facility:
Stalls & Shavings: $35/Night
Hook-Ups: $40/Night
Hotel Rooms: $100/Night

Clinic Prices

Clinic prices are the same for a private lesson or group clinic, whether we are at your facility or ours.

$350/1 Day
$700/2 Day
$300/Additional Day

Trick Riding Horses and Saddles Are Available for Rent During Clinics: $50/Day

Interested in booking a private clinic?

Interested in attending an open clinic?

Meet Your Instructors

With more than 15 years of combined experience and hundreds of hours of trick riding training and performing, Kelsey Gascon and Shelby Epperson love sharing all they have learned with the next generation of trick riders.

Kelsey Gascon

kelsey gascon trixie chicks

Shelby Epperson

Trixie Chicks Trick Riders Shelby